Social Sexuality

A Strange decade to live in, the era of social sexual exploration. The door is open.

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Early Pandemic Articles

Many people at the beginning of the pandemic took a leap into a world of sexual separation, posting lewd photos, videos and other sexually explorative content for the seemingly ludicrous money it can potentially generate. Given the circumstances and uncertainty of regular business, you cannot fault people for using what they have to generate income.

We all have skills, knowledge, expertise and talent at our disposal in a plethora of ways, and we’re constantly trading that for our salaries. This new way of monetising your sexual expression is just another form of that, one that flourishes with natural attraction and is harnessed fully from hard work and a community building approach.

For some people making an onlyfans, the ground work wasn’t there. If you weren’t already a point of attention on a social media platform, you had to generate the interest solely from your sexual character. To do so competing with people who already had a social media following, have an audience with an affinity for their looks, and a strong understanding of how to interact and gain attention, it’s a daunting task for most to compare to.

Articles Like this are becoming more and more frequent 11/03/2021

Tik-Tok is haven for content creators building an audience. The vine like platform seems to be a great starting point for influencer types and is a common platform people use to generate interest to then launch their monetary potential elsewhere. Just like other platforms, the more popular you are, the more likely people are interested in what you haven’t shown them.

The odds are in the favour of the most popular. You can be exactly what people are looking for, but with others making the most of their situation, they take the majority of the eyes from the people looking. This ground work of generating interest and making yourself imposing online can be as simple as having a larger account retweet or interact with your socials.

Unfortunately the Luck cannot be cast to each and every creator, the majority will have to find their feet, generate a presence and post on places like reddit and twitter essentially sampling what they have to offer.

Being a content creator who lives with a foot inside and out of the bubble, I’ve witnessed first hand the wave of people essentially advertising their pages through short clips, images or posts to the endless kink/niche pages that reddit users have created.

The Reddit Hive

The NSFW reddit index is quite an eye opener to see how many pages exist specifically for NSFW content * *

Around 1700 pages! That’s a lot of separate pages to post content to, and even though a lot will be dedicated to specific kinks and niches there’s ample space for people to show off what they have to offer.

r/Gonewild, a popular posting page for many aspiring sexual content creators has too many variants to keep up with. One for men, for couples, women, small women, large women, trans, mature, Milf… The types go on and on and also repeat fairly often, point being there’s places for anyone to post content.

This is where reddit allows individuals to express their interests sexually, a single page can be great for exposure, for compliments and the rush of the notification numbers. Having been someone who’s mainly posted for fun and the enjoyment, I cannot recommend starting anywhere else other than a page where you enjoy the content users post if you are interested in starting yourself.

Individuals may fit into multiple categories and to branch out they might have to film or shoot things they’ve not really considered. There’s many things to focus on and as I mentioned earlier the amount of niches are expanding as users specifically create pages for their refined tastes. Anal, oral, vaginal, toys, fingers, bondage, bdsm, femdom, the limits are really just ones own and posting content to these pages is another way of exploring personal sexual curiosity.

NSFW Twitter

Some twitter users are equally interested in the sexual exploration of others, with too many nsfw accounts to list with individuals sampling the same content that people post on reddit. The engagement and reach is far greater than that of reddit mainly because twitter profiles are easier to read and sharing a post is a button click away.

This culture of communal sexual sharing is growing and growing as more and more people hop on and add to it. The idea of keeping your privates private whilst still to the vast majority is the rule, there’s space for those few who wish to expose, to do so.

Being a sexual content creator isn’t easy though, for some who may struggle with image and acceptance of ones self, you can find yourself exposed to potential criticism from others, and whilst people within these communities are accepting it only takes one bad egg to ruin the mixture.

The internet is an interesting place evidently, you’ve an array of variations of interests both non sexual and sexual and the ease in which one can set up a page to get paid from is getting easier as the demand for content grows.

Is it a good idea?

What does this mean in the long run? Pornography for some adult film stars has been a detriment to their career’s, how does it fair in todays digital and internet standards, does the over abundance of presence from so many people water down what we see as acceptable?

If there’s anything to note about this trend, it’s that sex workers are gaining a stronger foothold of independence. The ability to create your own internet community, focused on whatever it is you want to produce allows for new types of influencers, ones that aren’t strictly safe for work.

Content creation and value is at the feet of most individuals. It’s not often mentioned how easy it is to produce valuable content, before fast internet and smart phones existed, it was companies that held the power to produce new media. As we find ourselves in the midst of ever multiplying youtube, twitch, twitter or reddit accounts, we’ve enabled everyone to provide their insight, their opinion or their creative vision into this marketplace.

Is this another 60’s moment that we’re 20 years from fully reflecting on? Time will tell, we’re only just starting.

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