Social Sexuality

A Strange decade to live in, the era of social sexual exploration. The door is open.

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Early Pandemic Articles

Many people at the beginning of the pandemic took a leap into a world of sexual separation, posting lewd photos, videos and other sexually explorative content for the seemingly ludicrous money it can potentially generate. Given the circumstances and uncertainty of regular business, you cannot fault people for using what they have to generate income.

We all have skills, knowledge, expertise and talent at our disposal in a plethora of ways, and we’re constantly trading that for our salaries. This new way of monetising your sexual expression is just another form of that, one that flourishes with natural attraction and is harnessed fully from hard work and a community building approach.

For some people making an onlyfans, the ground work wasn’t there. If you weren’t already a point of attention on a social media platform, you had to generate the interest solely from your sexual character. To do so competing with people who already had a social media following, have an audience with an affinity for their looks, and a strong understanding of how to interact and gain attention, it’s a daunting task for most to compare to.

Articles Like this are becoming more and more frequent 11/03/2021

Tik-Tok is haven for content creators building an audience. The vine like platform seems to be a great starting point for influencer types and is a common platform people use to generate interest to then launch their monetary potential elsewhere. Just like other platforms, the more popular you are, the more likely people are interested in what you haven’t shown them.

The odds are in the favour of the most popular. You can be exactly what people are looking for, but with others making the most of their situation, they take the majority of the eyes from the people looking. This ground work of generating interest and making yourself imposing online can be as simple as having a larger account retweet or interact with your socials.

Unfortunately the Luck cannot be cast to each and every creator, the majority will have to find their feet, generate a presence and post on places like reddit and twitter essentially sampling what they have to offer.

Being a content creator who lives with a foot inside and out of the bubble, I’ve witnessed first hand the wave of people essentially advertising their pages through short clips, images or posts to the endless kink/niche pages that reddit users have created.

The Reddit Hive

The NSFW reddit index is quite an eye opener to see how many pages exist specifically for NSFW content * *

Around 1700 pages! That’s a lot of separate pages to post content to, and even though a lot will be dedicated to specific kinks and niches there’s ample space for people to show off what they have to offer.

r/Gonewild, a popular posting page for many aspiring sexual content creators has too many variants to keep up with. One for men, for couples, women, small women, large women, trans, mature, Milf… The types go on and on and also repeat fairly often, point being there’s places for anyone to post content.

This is where reddit allows individuals to express their interests sexually, a single page can be great for exposure, for compliments and the rush of the notification numbers. Having been someone who’s mainly posted for fun and the enjoyment, I cannot recommend starting anywhere else other than a page where you enjoy the content users post if you are interested in starting yourself.

Individuals may fit into multiple categories and to branch out they might have to film or shoot things they’ve not really considered. There’s many things to focus on and as I mentioned earlier the amount of niches are expanding as users specifically create pages for their refined tastes. Anal, oral, vaginal, toys, fingers, bondage, bdsm, femdom, the limits are really just ones own and posting content to these pages is another way of exploring personal sexual curiosity.

NSFW Twitter

Some twitter users are equally interested in the sexual exploration of others, with too many nsfw accounts to list with individuals sampling the same content that people post on reddit. The engagement and reach is far greater than that of reddit mainly because twitter profiles are easier to read and sharing a post is a button click away.

This culture of communal sexual sharing is growing and growing as more and more people hop on and add to it. The idea of keeping your privates private whilst still to the vast majority is the rule, there’s space for those few who wish to expose, to do so.

Being a sexual content creator isn’t easy though, for some who may struggle with image and acceptance of ones self, you can find yourself exposed to potential criticism from others, and whilst people within these communities are accepting it only takes one bad egg to ruin the mixture.

The internet is an interesting place evidently, you’ve an array of variations of interests both non sexual and sexual and the ease in which one can set up a page to get paid from is getting easier as the demand for content grows.

Is it a good idea?

What does this mean in the long run? Pornography for some adult film stars has been a detriment to their career’s, how does it fair in todays digital and internet standards, does the over abundance of presence from so many people water down what we see as acceptable?

If there’s anything to note about this trend, it’s that sex workers are gaining a stronger foothold of independence. The ability to create your own internet community, focused on whatever it is you want to produce allows for new types of influencers, ones that aren’t strictly safe for work.

Content creation and value is at the feet of most individuals. It’s not often mentioned how easy it is to produce valuable content, before fast internet and smart phones existed, it was companies that held the power to produce new media. As we find ourselves in the midst of ever multiplying youtube, twitch, twitter or reddit accounts, we’ve enabled everyone to provide their insight, their opinion or their creative vision into this marketplace.

Is this another 60’s moment that we’re 20 years from fully reflecting on? Time will tell, we’re only just starting.

Scripts and Scripting (Male Teledildonics)

Scripts essentially are a type of subtitling or action sequence normally made to coincide with a video or other type of playable media (audio files included) that are read by teledildonic devices to produce a change in movement, vibration or other forms of varying stimulation.

The script is read on a timescale by these devices and points are plotted with scripting software that are used to specifically change the devices settings to provide *hopefully* a specific intended sensation such as stroking the head of a penis or simulating sexual intercourse. Vibrating teledildonics are limited to only varying which nodes of vibration are active which doesn’t provide movement which is the main reason scripts came along with the advent of the REALTOUCH.

Main Compatible Devices

The three main devices that are used for experiencing funscripts are in order of images:

The Handy – Released 2019

The Keon by KIIROO – Released 2020

The Fleshlight Launch – Released 2017 – *Discontinued 2020*

Points (Mapping)

To get more into the video script side of things, what we are trying to do when we script a piece of content is to map when we want a device to move or operate to synchronise with the video the script was made for. In essence it’s a mimic of the action provided by the actors on screen and when the penis of the actor is stroked, the device responds accordingly.

The reason why we have multiple points is to map specifically where the action started and ended, this provides a timestamp from point a to point b and the time/frames between those points. The more accurate the plotting of those points the more accurate the devices will replicate the action, this requires patience as mapping accurately can depend on camera angle, size of the penis, speed of the action, or even the frame rate of the video scripted.

Scripting visual reference

Above is a visual reference of how you could visualise all of these markers on an object.

Half stroke length is less stressful on the machine (will be more likely to not jutter during use)

Length is an small issue because the devices do not have a long enough stroke length to replicate a whole stroke fully, meaning the longer the penis or object interacted with, the further away the points 0 – 10 will be. The stroke length of these devices is anywhere between 2.5 – 4 Inches and trying to stretch that stroke length to something the size of 8 inches means slower replicated action from point A to B.

We can as scripters specifically set limits on what we consider the bottom of a stroke but this will come at the cost of synchronization accuracy making the experience feel lesser for some wanting a complete replication of the scene they are watching.

Other limitations in scripting include speed of actions on screen and with any technology using moving parts, it’s hard to beat the speed of a human and because of this some scenes are not accurately replicated in movement with these devices. CAPPING of speed is indicated by red lines within the scripting software and ways to avoid capping speed involve making the stroke length shorter for the device and sticking to a solid repeating pattern instead of including the fast variation that might be displayed on screen.

Time Consumption / Spliced Points

Scripting is a time consuming process much like subtitling, there are thousands of points to map and to make sure the action isn’t too linear we need to splice strokes using different positioning and timing. For example if someone was to stroke halfway up an object from the bottom slowly but increase pace for the second half of the stroke we would need a point in the middle to anchor from.

These middle points allow us to change the pace of the second half of the stroke and we can do the opposite and have the start of a stroke be fast and the second half of the stroke be slow. This is where accuracy lies and variation of speed and stroke length makes plotting these points a tricky business.

Scripters may use a ‘On the Fly’ scripting technique to map the most basics of the script providing a low resolution replication of the action, they will then sift through the script to make sure points are mapped on time and accurately placed. On the Fly just means we script as we watch and the tools we use to script allow us to accommodate for bad reactions by adding latency.

The faster the action is the harder it is to react so we can have a buffer that will place the point a bit further back just incase we were late in pressing the desired button. This a long with a slower playback gives us a good place to practice getting used to mapping points accurately.

Alternatively we can script frame by frame which is the most time consuming of methods to scripting but provides you with the ability to jump back and forth and plot points accordingly. I would suggest starting out with slower scenes to get a sense of accuracy in scripting before you go for anything too fast. There’s nothing worse than a 30 minute scene with 15 minutes worth of fast strokes and trying to plot them frame by frame.

Fatigue is a real problem and RSI will be the main issue you run into getting into scripting but there are plenty tools and options for plotting these points with VR Controllers being one and a regular gamepad controller being another. I haven’t spent much time using these two other control methods but practice should provide you with good muscle memory if you were to take on scripting this way.

What does the Software look like?

The programs that are mainly used to script are JoyFunScripter and OpenFunScripter. Both are very similar with JFS laying the groundwork for how scripting software functions currently. OFS is a more open source piece of software that doesn’t restrict what you can do with your personally created scripts, JFS on the other hand shouldn’t be used to commercialise your scripts.

Both function fairly similarly but my time has mainly been spent scripting in JFS because it was the first piece of software to replace the horrible blender scripting that used to be used *very slow*.

Visual bars are used to aid in the scripting process. You place the bar over the object that is being interacted with on screen and it fills according to your current position plotted on the time bar.

Bad Scripting Practices

Scripting isn’t too hard to do but there’s certain things you may do out of intuition that do not end up in a good end product.

One of these is placing too many points during a stroke. Variation is good but because these devices mainly use bluetooth to sync, there’s natural latency and juttering can come with an overly complicated sequence.

Plotting too many points in a short period of time will most likely result in a good portion of those actions being dumped as the device cannot process the action. It may be because there’s too many changes in positioning happening or because the stroke speed desired in the script is too fast for the device to even perform.

Actions should be as smooth as possible but have variation where realistically needed. Finding this balance of what’s useful to add to a script sequence and what’s going to ruin the devices movement is important. If you own a device that supports funscripts, you could try littering a bunch of points around and play it back using the device to see first hand how your toy interprets the script. It may be that your device can handle the speed and alteration.

Short History of Current Scripting

Having been here since 2017 when the Launch RIP graced us with it’s attempt to do interactive porn, I’ve seen large growth of the interest in this type of experience. It took a few months but thanks to many folk such as, Qdot, FunJack and FredTungsten we got an interactive video syncing device to replace the Realtouch (Wish i could have experienced it).

The now lonely site of RealTouchScripts was the launching site of the scripting scene and whilst it was relic of message boards from the past, it fostered a community of dedicated folk all with the same goal in mind, video sync. 3 coming up 4 years later we’ve got a specific site designed for sharing scripts called EroScripts. A new household for active scripters and interactive male sex toy users with the purpose of making it easier to find scripted content and discussion on new software including tips and tutorials that the community feel like creating and sharing. As of right now at the current rate, users are producing 177 scripts a month which for a small site not too far through its life is a pretty good return.


Scripting is a new way to create sequences of actions and whether they are just custom patterns or synced sequences, they offer a good amount of utility to devices that can use them. I wouldn’t be surprised if a female variant to these types of devices arises when the mainstream audience fully notices the capability and that time cannot come soon enough.

For the benefit of everyone wanting to have intense playtime, the advancement of this field of technology will only help serve each of our sexual needs in a time of exploration and play.

Textures and Types

Stamina Training Unit

The stamina training unit is probably one of fleshlights most well known products within the mainstream community and is designed to; as described in the name: ‘train stamina’. The way it does this is through a vast amount of nodules or circular bumps layered all the way through the sleeve, this allows the head of the penis to be enveloped and constantly stimulated with each movement inward or outward.

Having purchased the stamina training unit back in late 2012 I must say it was hard not to be over stimulated by the toy, especially when it was propped between something to keep it still so you could thrust instead of using your hand to move it. This coupled with a length that most people can’t cap out, you were in for a good test of your stamina. However to someone who has now used fleshlights and sleeves of different feels, textures and materials, it’s not as stimulating.

As the variation of sleeves has developed from fleshlight, especially with the fleshlight girls, ice and turbo range, there’s been an obvious tilt towards utilising multiple types of textures, tightness’ and chambers that alter the experience for the user. The days of the super ribbed and plain repeating of textures is at it’s end and other companies have also taken notice of this and implemented similar variation to keep up.

Ice Lady

The Ice lady was one of fleshlights first departures from repeating textures and was a warm welcome as it set a higher standard for both visual and texturing standards.

The first chamber includes a light lotus barrier to give the sensation of breaking past a wall which helps stimulate the head of the penis as well as the shaft. After this entry you begin to feel the tighter lightly ribbed tunnel that will press harder against the penis creating a change in sensation as you enter followed by a widening to differentiate the ribs even more.

Nearer the middle is a rounded chamber with more pronounced nibs used to tickle and tease the head and shaft as it moves even deeper into an even tighter and lightly ribbed tunnel opening up to a more rectangular texture which changes the sensation even further and finally ending in another section of tapered ribs to push hard into if you can reach it.

Compared to the STU, the texture is a world of variation with tight sections, ribs and rounded chambers to provide you with even more tickling and varying sensations that just like the STU, test your stamina. Because the material is the same but also clear, you can see yourself moving past and rubbing up against all of these textures which provides a good visual if you are into that.

Clear toys tend to be best especially for partners as seeing the action from a second perspective gives even more incentive to change up the stroke style which just adds to both parties pleasure.

My First experience with this ice texture would have been shortly after I used the STU and boy it was a pleasant experience. There’s something alien about feeling such variation, with the tpe material letting you ease past it all and to see it at the same time can really get intense. Unlike the STU you can specifically reduce your stroke length to keep your head or any section of your penis constantly stimulated if you like the repeated sensation of a certain texture.

Problems with Clarity:

A main gripe me and multiple people have with the clear texture is an unfortunate one in that the sleeve can easily discolour over time. This yellowing will slowly become more and more pronounced with heavy use of the toy and is best avoided with proper cleaning and drying. Ontop of this the sleeve can also become cloudy making the visual experience worse. Compare your first experience visually with your tenth and you can tell it becomes slightly misty.

Tenga Flip Hole (2012)

The Tenga range of toys have been another example of texture and design usage as the main selling point of any Tenga toy is material quality and aesthetic.

Unlike fleshlight the inner sleeve is sealed onto the casing which means there’s less hassle with drying and maintenance. The material is also TPE but is slightly firmer than Fleshlights variant making the textures, ribs and nubs pop that slight bit more. This leads to a very toe curling experience on first entry, tickling and touching the top and bottom sections of the penis with a wave of bumps grooves and nubs initiates a very intense sensation that just like the other toys mentioned can be hard to not be overwhelmed by.

The textures inside many Tenga toys such as the Flip Hole series include chambers and sections designed to provide focal stimulation to the head of the penis.

Suction is also a strong point of the Flip Hole series as the device has a soft section with hard plastic circles used to provide the user with optional suction through applying pressure to any of the circles located on both sides of the toy. This allows even more variation of pleasure as you can focus pressure on the top, middle or bottom section of the toy creating a sensation different to other strokers out there.

Design is a focal point of Tengas philosophy when it comes to toy manufacturing and the flip hole introduced their own way to dry the device with the use of a outer casing that keeps the two sides of the toy closed together. After use, you slide this casing off the main section, flip open the toy, rinse and clean then prop the main section (half opened) ontop of the outer casing making sure the sleeve is elevated off any surface and open to air flow.

Fleshlight’s being separate from their casing make them harder to dry and clean as moisture can still be held inside the case.


Unlike other sleeves and male masturbators the OnaHole range provides an even more interesting design philosophy when it comes to textures and chambers. Included in some of them is a dual layered TPE design *like the one in the photo* which provides a soft shell for easy and pleasant handling and a harder inner material used to provide firmer textures which help translate into more enhanced sensations. One of the issues with making textures feel…I guess textured is the density and rigidity of the material.

The softer the material the more pliable it is, making it more accommodating and easier to manipulate, this provides sleeves with the benefit of textures lasting longer as they do not produce much resistance when force is applied and can be stretched and formed in certain ways in use that allow for things such as the above tenga to use suction chambers efficiently.

However this also means that the stimulation provided from the sleeve will not be as strong as the textures are not firm enough to really bump against the sensitive parts of the penis. Overall the firmer the material the more you will feel it though it can come with disadvantages as some textures when too firm can provide too much stimulation (such as ribbing) which overwhelms and can also cause discomfort.

Having a mixture of firmness comes with the disadvantages of wear and tear. As the internal cavity and the texture are not one piece of TPE, there is reports of the layers coming apart after heavy use.

The benefit of having this difference in an OnaHole Is that a slightly firmer material can be encased in a softer material making it pleasant to touch and hold whilst also more stimulating on the inside.

I haven’t got the chance to try a fully fledged OnaHole yet but will do a full review of the experience once I do end up purchasing one. Most of what i can find online about them is that they are more realistic and I can assume this would be mainly because of the firmness, chamber design that goes along with the texture.


Keon Stroker Sleeve VS Tenga Flip Zero

TPE is the go to material for male sex toys on the market as it provides a mouldable material that is both soft and stretchy making it accommodating and also realistic to touch *mainly with the use of corn starch*.

This material is used in all of fleshlights male strokers and is most likely set to stay unless the rubber/plastic industry creates a cheaper and more usable material. Compared to hard rubbers and silicone, this Material is more prone to degrading as the elasticity can help tearing occur.

A common issue for fleshlights and sleeves similar is focused the end points and edges. Any tear can wear larger and larger over time. This makes moulding important to get right as any weak point in the mould would likely create issues for toy users in the future with holes and cuts forming through rough or continuous use.

Main disadvantages of TPE are that its less resistant to tearing and is a porous material, meaning moisture and mold can form which can be hard to remove once generated in the moist environment these toys tend to end up in.

This requires proper drying techniques be used to maintain the integrity and also body safe nature of the toy. Light ISOPROPYL alcohol use will not damage the toy unless over used and is relatively safe for clearing any bacteria or residue that resides within the grooves of the toy. Best practice is to use warm soapy water(without fragrance) to clean it after you have used to toy and to leave to air dry.


Introduction to KIIROO

The Keon to most people getting into sex tech must feel like a completely new type of device, but little do people know this isn’t Kiiroo’s first venture into automatic masturbation for men.

In 2014 they released the Kiiroo SVir; a device advertised to provide users of kiiroo’s social platform a place to connect and experienced a shared sexual sensation through capacitive touch sensors on an insertable toy that would then transmit the same touch through 8 contracting rings inside the sleeve of the SVir. This Concept would then go through a rebrand and creation of 3 Extra iterations, one in 2015 called the ONYX, ONYX 2 in late 2017 and finally the ONYX+ which released early 2020.

There’s something missing though. In 2017 Kiiroo also produced the Fleshlight Launch in partnership with you guessed it, Fleshlight. This device was the first real contender for male teledildonic experience simply because it ditched contraction and started utilising regular point to point movement integrating fleshlights repertoire of sleeve options and making it solely compatible with fleshlight cases.

For a collector of fleshlights, this was the first step into a world I personally thought was too good to be true. It worked well and did what it needed to do to create a wave of interest in the male machine market.

Fast-Forward to late 2020, the launch now discontinued, a new devices emerges in the KEON. A refinement of the launch in almost every area; it’s smaller, uses buttons for interfacing instead of touch sensitive zones, more ergonomic to hold with better materials and finish to boot and includes Kiiroo’s own similarly shaped stroker.

Key Features of the device include:

  • Manually operated Stroking ( 24 – 230 Strokes per minute )
  • Sync-able with video content
  • Remotely controllable via FeelConnect App
  • Pause / Resume via one button
  • Adjust Speed + Stroke length on the fly
  • Stroker that can be used like a regular fleshlight

How does it feel?

It Feels like a regular fleshlight, textured and enjoyable to be enveloped by but with the combination of hands free usage and synced content it can become a far more compelling device both physically and also mentally. The internals of the sleeve are bumpy, similar to a Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight, a good overall sensation without too much stimulation due to variation and lack of ribbing on the internals of the sleeve.

Does it feel like sex? Yes and No. Yes because the sensations you can receive can be quite intense and being enveloped by a Stroker/Sleeve is far more intense than via a hand. No because the texture of a real vagina is different as warmth and the internals of the canal are hard to replicate and TPE whilst it can try its hardest has got a long way to go to producing a similar experience.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode is my least preferred way to use the device as I’ve had enough of that through usage of the previous Fleshlight launch. It’s enjoyable just like using the Stroker on its own but with active control required on my part it doesn’t keep me engaged mentally as I like to sit back and visualise during sessions.

Is it bad? of course not, it’s a great addition and is still actively producing a great feeling but once people get spoiled with well synchronised video content it might feel a bit hollow. A neat feature included is the ability to pause the machine while in use so there’s no long hold to turn this thing off in case a pit stop is required which makes for even easier usage.

Speed and Stroke Length

Speed and stroke length are inherently tied together and there’s benefits and drawbacks to focusing on one or the other. Top speed is around 230 strokes a second but what isn’t mentioned is that to get to that stroke speed you have to reduce the stroke length.

Stroke length is obviously important as it controls the depth that your penis travels inside the sleeve, to reduce it to a quarter of its capacity really reduces sensation and I find it’s rarely useable at it’s shortest stroke length. Increasing the Stroke length reduces the speed the device can register a full stroke as the arm holding the toy needs to travel a further distance to reach it’s peak capping speed at something around 110 strokes per minute for full strokes at fastest speed.

For me the longer the better and reducing stroke length to gain speed is a negative trade off but might not be much of an issue for other users. All of this is important to note too if using the device with synced scripts (funscripts) which I will get into later.

Remote Feature

Using the device remotely via Bluetooth is a nice idea, just like the launch the thought of someone like a partner controlling the toy is cool but the main issue I find is that it’s never as smooth of an experience as manual mode. There’s still stuttering every so often which the launch also experienced using the previous FeelConnect App and this turns me off using it remotely.

I blame Bluetooth mainly as it’s a limited technology that we seem to be already at limits with but the option being there is still nice to have. Perhaps with more firmware updates the experience can be ironed out more to make it more compelling. I will admit having to have an app that’s required to launch and connect to the Keon each time is just extra steps in keeping me from the experience, required obviously but with wifi it could have been easier.

Syncable with Video/Scripted Content

Personally, Scripts and Video Sync is the aspect where almost every male stroking machine can shine the most. The ability to feel like you are in a scene and are being manipulated by the actor/s on screen is intense. It creates a sense of loss of control.

Loss of control is a great stimulant for being engaged and aroused as you don’t control what happens and you are at the mercy of what’s to come. A long with that, if you were to use this device with a windows 10 pc to get the most out of it, you don’t even require a video to get well scripted and planned out movements for the device.

Scripting is essentially planning a sequence of movements and regularly it is done to map out the movements of a scene, the beauty of this is that extra flare and bonus strokes can be added to enhance the sensation. Scripts don’t need to follow any specific rules other than the speed capabilities of the device you use with them. This means you can script audio, blank video for more intense patterns or regular pornographic content and decide where you place longer strokes or where to place faster strokes, it can match the scene or just generally increase in pace if you preferred that.

Above is a representation of this sort of “subtitling” for a specific video, we call it a .funscript and as you can see speed and positioning are represented with the different coloured lines and dots, red being fastest, yellow, green and finally blue being the slowest.

This all adds up to a great deal of potential in a market filled with content to script and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sharp growth around scripting once the idea is exposed to more mainstream audiences.

Final Thoughts

The Keon is another step in the right direction, it has a reduced footprint compared to the launch and still supports the use of regular fleshlight sleeves, this means any fleshlight collector could happily feel like this device is money well spent.

Mounting support should be coming sometime in the future and I’m sure it will help sell the device even more as similar toys on the market do not have their own mounting solutions and handsfree use is an important milestone to set.

The Cost of the device is not cheap but with the launch discontinued, other options for using fleshlight sleeves in an automatic stroker machine are limited if not next to 0.

Maintenance of the machine is similar to the launch, lubrication can find it’s way out of the sleeve and underneath the mounting bracket making it just that bit more irritating to deal with after sessions. With some decent toy cleaner solution and possibly a few wipes you can clear away the residue, just make sure it’s not built up too much as you can have a task on your hand removing it fully.

Other companies may want a piece of this market space and innovation of these ideas is the best way to keep ahead of the rest.

A little about me

I am sex tech enthusiast and sex toy tester with a little over 10 years of interest and experience in using and reviewing this field. I am also a solo male model on PornHub with around 2.5k Subscribers with a total of 3m views (2.7m on sex tech) and 122k profile views. I have been producing videos using devices and toys since 2017 accompanied by frequent posting on my reddit:u/toyjoyman.

Openminded and approachable, with keen eyes on sex and sexual wellness im interested in testing and expanding my knowledge and experience in the sexual field. Dedicated to answering questions I receive on my reddit and Pornhub to help others looking for first time toys and to give advice on setting up male sex tech devices and providing feedback on tech in the market .