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Too many toys, too many options. There’s a select few of toys I tend to fall back on. Nostalgic reasons, unique experiences or just because they’re not too hard to use, whatever the reason they are my favourites and this page is to list my current ‘daily drivers’.

Super Head Honcho

Super Head Honcho Side view

A successor to the equally as good Head Honcho by Sue Johanson. This thing has stood the test of time as i recently rebought one. Last one i owned lasted me a good stretch but that was more than ten years ago. Is it as good as it was back then? Yes, It’s simple, squishy in that right way and quite easy to use.

The chambers inside aren’t too complicated, they provide a subtle but enjoyable sensation as you pass through and into each chamber, the tight lightly ribbed sections between provide differentiation, making stimulation on the head more pronounced.

It’s overall fairly good and has been on the market for a while, the fact I can buy one in 2021 still is a testament to it’s success, along with the previous head honcho. If you want something that’s a great first toy and you don’t want to be overwhelmed or intimidated, this is a good purchase.

Turbo Thrust Fleshlight

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust side view

One of Many Fleshlights, the turbo thrust creates and even more unique sensation than it’s fleshlight counter parts. A looser construction in the entry with a wave of variation running from entrance to end makes this a different type of experience than regular Fleshlights.

The thrust has been labelled as the blowjob emulator within the fleshlight range and actually, it’s sort of true. Not completely, obviously it can’t emulate all the physical features of a mouth but the loose entry and layered walls simulate a very loose blowjob where it’s almost like upon insertion you are feeling a tongue and past that entering a throat. It’s very subtle but those noticeable differences in sensation give you more to enjoy.

The texture is varied and provides a strong amount of stimulation, a loosely designed sleeve that isn’t about constriction or tightness which compliments its opacity.

Seeing through it can be just as enjoyable especially with a partner, and the ease this thing glides with lubricant makes it easier to use than alternative strokers. I love the blue and the slight magnification makes it fun to look at during use.

Magic Wands

Lovehoney Magic Wand

Wands are great for everyone to use, i don’t see men typically using them but frenulum stimulation is just another enjoyable way to climax. Why should the power of vibration be held firmly by the females when it can stimulate us all.

The way this tends to work best is directing the vibration on the backside of the head where it meets your shaft. This is called the frenulum and it is your friendulum, treat it well and it can arouse and push you to climax even faster than you can with your hand.

Frenulum stimulation isn’t a major focus of male sex toys but as wands cater to female market, we can utilise the power some women seem to adore. Downsides to this tend to be that the more exposure to vibration, the more numbness and soreness you can feel.

Over-use of vibrators, specifically on more delicate and sensitive areas of your penis, can turn you off just as much as they can turn you on, as someone who’s used wands for a while, a long session turns into an irritating session as you’re less and less stimulated by the vibrations.

Wand Attachments

Attachments make use of that strong vibration and give us a different way to use the wand directly. Attaching a sleeve we can insert ourselves into allows for more of the shaft to be stimulated with more precise ribs and bumps that are shaken whilst being pressed up against our sensitive parts. A wand on its own is good but a wand with an attachment is even better, if a couple has a wand but no attachments they are losing out.

Open or Closed ended? Well if you are a fan of head stimulation the closed ended one probably suits you more, down side being you cannot really stroke up and down the shaft using it. The hummer attachment however can. With a bit of finesse you can stimulate and stroke the shaft making it similar to a regular stroker although the material is stiffer to allow vibrations to permeate throughout the toy making it harder to glide up and down.

Both of these reduce the vibration intensity slightly but as an added bonus you find you’re not as overly stimulated and numbed by the vibrations.


Machines, and most notably stroking machines have become an easy source of fun all round as these devices are there to do all the work for you. I’ve reviewed the Keon in a previous post ‘Keon By KIIROO’, an automatic masturbator that allows you to synchronise the machine to porn for an immersive masturbatory experience.

These devices are fresh and full of potential for use in the future once the industry notices. They have versatility in that they can be used manually, interactively or remotely which makes the fun all that bit more exciting. There’s something special about having a machine do the work for you, you can choose to start or stop at the press of a button, hell you can even attempt to do other things whilst they’re going, they are truly special. The KEON on the left has different first party sleeves to choose from, and can even utilise regular full sized *and probably smaller sized* fleshlight sleeves.

For anyone who enjoys collecting sex toys and strokers, these devices sure can make use of a solid collection. The toy on the right is called a Handy and this ones just as interesting as it comes with a velcro strap design which allows any toy that’ll fit to be attached to the moving arm. Full fleshlights are mainly a no go based on weight and size but male strokers come in a range of sizes and types, there lots of choice for third party sleeves even though the stroker it comes with already does a mighty fine job. This versatility lets something like the Super Head Honcho I mentioned above be used. My collection of small sleeves can be fully utilised and played with in a new way thanks to this and I haven’t got round to trying them all out.

Having plenty toys already, these devices give me more than enough excuse to buy more textures and sleeves for exciting experimentation, im not sure the experiment will ever end :).

I posted about scripting, the technique used to create patterns the machines can load and play that allow synchronisation with whatever is happening on screen. It can be found here: Scripts and Scripting (Male Teledildonics)

Cock Rings/Ball Stretchers

An under appreciated part of the male toy market is the place where cock rings and ball stretchers lie. These nifty pieces of rubber get overlooked by most men in my opinion and im not sure as to why. Maybe they’re too uncomfortable or they look weird to some, but to me they are incredibly useful tools for enhancing play, whether by yourself or with a partner.

Arousal is one of the main reasons to play around with these types of toys and ball stretchers and cock rings allow for sensation to be felt without the use of anything other than your body’s natural reaction. Restricting bloodflow allows erections to last longer and become harder, this makes the penis more sensitive and overall enjoyable for both parties.

Having the feeling of your balls being stretched away from your body is pleasant and is why it’s a common practice for partners to do when interacting with a penis. The added benefit of this stretching is that the scrotum is further away from the penis making it easier to delay ejaculation, I learnt this through my own self play and is a good way to lightly train stamina.

The combination of both provide visual and physical pleasure with arousal only helping to make any sexual experience enhanced for solo or couple play.